Celebrities Style when Carrying Body Bags


If you intends to add a collection bag for travel and holidays in the summer? We recommend that you identify your body shape. Grooming and appearance during the holiday season, more trendy when carrying a bag that matches the body shape.

If you do not have a particular taste, you can copy the world celebrities style such as Blake Lively, Olsen Brothers, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

Consider some options according to the form body bags as quoted by Betty Confidential:
Curvy body
Curvy woman should choose a slim bag that can carry in arms or carry in addition to the waist. Brightly colored clutch bag with additional jewelry in the hands of Kim Kardashian, making it appear brighter. Same as bag in Khloe Kardashian when traveling. She carry simple bag at airport, see the picture.

Body of straight
Bags will create the impression of feminine lace. Wear it diagonally to form a more curvy body illusion to disguise his eyes off the shoulders to the hips. This style is suitable subject to Taylor Swift.

Small Body
If your body is like Ashley or Mary-Kate Olsen, you can still look taller with a simple bag style, chic, elegant.

Body height
Owners of high body like Blake Lively can skip the tiny bag trend. Try the big bright bag to balance the height. Neon Nuance will make the views not focused entirely on the shape of the body.