Eyelashes Peacock Feather Motif

We are know if Eyes are the Soul windows. Therefore eye makeup has become an integral part of the interface. False eyelashes became an alternative to obtain beauty eyelashes instantly.

Want a different look with false eyelashes while hanging out with friends? A striking patterned false eyelashes are present for lovers of the unique makeup. Unlike false eyelashes that normally only extend eyelashes, lashes extra length has a similar design with a unique peacock feather motif.

Not only that, these lashes will give off light when the wearer was in a dark room. According to the manufacturer, Kroylan Cosmetics, eyelashes will create the glamorous and exotic to the wearer.

Quoted from Genius Beauty, you can choose the false eyelashes made ​​of real peacock feathers for $ 21. There are also options peacock faux eyelashes $ 7.

Since its launch via online since last February in a number of electronic sales sites, fake eyelashes are selling well.

So, you will try wear with the leering eyes of peacock feathers?