Unique Clothes from Cheese

Hi .. Do you know if clothing made ​​from meat that bind Lady Gaga body while performing at the MTV Video Music Awards be a scandal in the fashion world. Yes, despite the controversy, that Lady Gaga clothing that inspires the creation of unique garments made ​​from another element.

From the idea Lady gaga dress is unique clothes, a number of students from Bath Spa University poured their unique creations in the form of dress design made ​​from cheese.

They create five dress with nearly a ton of different kinds of cheese, especially cheddar cheese. Dreamy white dress colored cheese for example, displays the sexiness of the wearer.

Not to forget, knick-knacks and accessories such as bolero, bags, shoes and headdresses they created from processed foods fermented milk. In addition to dresses, the students also make athletic shoes.

As quoted from Genius Beauty, dresses and accessories making process cheese is not easy. The students said it took more than 1,000 hours to create these unique fashion.

So, do you interested to trying unique clothes from cheese?