Environment Protest with no Clothes in London

Last week, streets in London in the morning until late afternoon turned into a sea of ​​environment protest. The protest action took place is unique, because all participants 'demonstrated' with no clothes while riding a bicycle around major roads at London.

This action is part of 'World Naked Bike Ride', which requires the support of the environment and reducing car usage and fuel oil.

About a thousand bike participants naked depart from Hyde Park and walked nine miles through Buckingham Palace. Organizers suggest, for protesters to wear as little clothing as possible when cycling.

Quoted from metro.co.uk, organizers claim is intended as a protest action peaceful, imaginative, fun, and organized. "Rather than depending on oil and vehicles as transportation, we promote an environmentally friendly alternative and fun, that is cycling," said a spokeswoman.

Besides the action in London that has lasted for eight years, a similar protest also took place in over 50 cities in the world. Including Cardiff, Ottowa, Toronto, Chile, Greece, with the participation of thousands people.