Kate Middleton Wedding Dress in Exhibition at Buckingham Palace

Wedding dress made ​​from Alexander McQueen label broke the record. In the exhibition held at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton wedding dress to suck up to 600 thousand visitors.

Kate Middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton wedding dress

Spectators came from all over the world and managed to collect a fund of 10 million pounds from the sale of tickets.

The funds will be used as a maintenance fund in the royal art collection at Buckhingham Palace. The exhibition of wedding dresses Duchess of Cambridge was also the most visitors managed to break the record, beating the highest visit to Buckingham Palace in 1994, reaching 420,000 visitors.

To enter the exhibition space, each person must purchase a ticket for £ 17,50. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said the funds collected from ticket sales will be used for maintenance of the royal art collection.

"However, not all, some of the funds we get from ticket sales will also be donated to the foundation designated by the Duchess of Cambridge," he said as quoted by the Telegraph.

Furthermore, the spokesman said, when giving permission for her dress on display, the Duchess of Cambridge to make sure some of the funds raised will be donated to charity.

"Kate Middleton and Prince William already has a list of foundations that will accept donations," he continued.

With regard to the number of record breaking exhibition visitors the most visitors, the exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut said, "We really enjoy the flow of visitors who had never dropped out to see Kate Middleton wedding dress. This is the busiest month and we are very happy with the success of this exhibition."